Convention Organizing
Committee Chairperson
Messages from Michel Yee

On behalf of the 61st MD308 Lions Convention Organizing Committee (COC), it is my great pleasure to thank all the Lion dignitaries, distinguished guests and members of the press for attending our Launching Ceremony at Sunway Resort Hotel this morning.

FYI, “Together In Service”, which is the theme of the Convention is in line with our Lions Clubs International President Brian Sheehan’s theme - “Together we can”.

The Convention is organised annually by different districts in MD308. This fiscal year it’s District 308 B2 Malaysia’s turn to host the 61st Multiple District 308 Lions Convention 2023 which will gather many Lion delegates from Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia who are looking forward to the 1st MD 308 Convention since the worldwide pandemic about three years ago.

We are also expecting delegates from Taiwan, China, Thailand, Philippine and United States too. The Convention is a good platform for delegates to meet up and exchange new ideas, share leadership experiences, make new acquaintances and renew friendship. It is also a platform to elect our future leaders and make important decisions.

This morning my COC are pleased to share the Programs and more information about the Convention to everyone. After the launching ceremony everyone are welcome to sign up as a delegate and we are offering Early Bird Registrations at a Special Rate Today!!!

Our COC are ready and happy to serve you!

Delegates can enjoy the beautiful tropical forest in Sunway City, encompasses Sunway Lagoon theme park, Sunway Pyramid mall and Sunway hotels alongside universities and Sunway Medical Centre. And also, the vibrant cities and towns with a rich mix of diversified cultures. Kuala Lumpur is also known to be the “Shopping Heaven” especially for the delegates from Singapore. We have line-up a few interesting Local tours for the delegates and their families too.

My sincere thanks to our sponsors

  • Sunway group Alex Castoldi , and
  • Past International Director Chang Jui Tai

  • for your generous support. I also wish to thank my COC who have worked really hard to organize a successful and memorable Convention for all our Lion delegates.

    Please allow me to welcome two very dynamic and capable Lion leaders on board as our Convention Advisors. They are -

  • Past Council Chairperson Dato’ Patrick Chew, and
  • Past Council Chairperson Dato’ Ooi Chao Syhuan
  • Together with my Dynamic Convention Organizing Committee, I strong believe our Lions Convention will be the talk of the town.

    I would also wish to thank the Council Chairperson Kenny Low and Council of Governors for their invaluable advice and support extended to us too.

    Lastly, I would like to thank everyone from far and near for your attendance and make our Launching a success.

    Thank You!

    我谨代表第 61 届 MD308 狮⼦会筹委会,热烈欢迎所有复 合区308 狮⼦会政要和贵宾出席今天上午在双威度假村酒 店举⾏的盛⼤启动仪式。

    Together In Service,这是⼤会的主题,传递复合区之间 的精神,也是与国际狮⼦会会⻓主题的对应——Together we can。

    MD308 狮⼦年会,每年由 MD308 的各个区轮流筹办。 今年由⻢来西亚 308 B2 区主办 2023 年第 61 届复合区 308 狮⼦会年会。这个年度⼤会将吸引来⾃新加坡、⽂莱 和⻢来西亚的狮⼦会会员。 ⾃三年前全球⼤流⾏冠状病毒 病袭击我们以来,全国许多狮⼦会代表都期待着这次的⼤ 会。 来⾃台湾、中国、泰国、菲律宾和美国的代表也将会到访。

    狮⼦会年会的⽬的是为 MD308 的代表提供⼀个平台。 这是⼀个每年⼀次的机会,可以让 狮友⻅⾯和交流的⽅式,⼤家亲⾃分享⽬标和领导经验,在狮友之间建⽴友谊,以及选举 下⼀年的第⼆副总监候选⼈。 此外,双威城是让狮友们聚会的理想场所和建⽴所有重要的 联系。

    在今天的盛⼤启动仪式上,代表们将有⼀个很好的机会来了解我们为您准备的狮⼦会年会 活动。 启动仪式结束后,⼤家可以积极报名参加 2023 年狮⼦会的復合区年会。今天特惠 早⻦报名,每位注册的会员都会得到⼀份礼物。我们的委员会已准备好为您服务。

    代表们可以在双威城享受美丽的热带森林,包括双威⽔上乐园主题公园、双威⾦字塔购物 中⼼和双威酒店以及⼤学和双威医疗中⼼。 充满活⼒的城市和城镇,拥有丰富多样的⽂ 化。 吉隆坡也被称为“购物天堂”。 我们的筹委会也为狮⼦会代表的家庭成员安排了⼀些当地旅游。


    衷⼼感谢赞助商双威集团 Alex Castaldi,国际理事的慷慨⽀持。 ⾮常感谢狮⼦会筹委会 成员为今天的盛⼤启动和即将到来的 2023 年狮⼦会⼤会付出了巨⼤的努⼒,以便为所有 狮⼦会代表提供难忘的体验。 我为团队们感到⾮常⾃豪。

    两位⾮常有经验的狮友领导作为我们的年会顾问。 他们是前议⻓拿督周国钦 和前议⻓拿督⻩昭璇,加上我们⼀群能⼲⼜充满活⼒的筹委会委员,我相信这次狮⼦会年会将成为全 城的主要话题。

    我还要感谢议⻓Kenny Low 也给予我们宝贵的建议和⽀持,还有复合区的四位總監的⽀持 和信任。





    Council Chairperson
    Messages from Kenny Low

    Lion Dignitaries, Fellow Lions, Ladies & Gentlemen, Members from the Press

    It is my honour & pleasure to be invited to say a few words in conjunction with the Grand Launching of 61st Multiple District (MD) 308 Lions Convention 2023.

    Firstly, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Convention Organising Committee Chairperson (COCC) Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG) Michel Yee and all her entire organising committee team members. Earlier I had told Michel that our objective is “to organise a memorable Convention in a conducive environment for meetings and a place that every delegate will love to visit & stay, within an affordable price”. Here it is Sunway City - the right place for the right event. Well done committee!

    Lions Clubs International (LCI) MD 308 consists of four sub-districts namely A1 (Singapore), A2 (Sabah, Sarawak & Brunei), B1 (seven states in Peninsular) and B2 (five states in Peninsular). We have total 472 Lions Clubs and our membership stands at 13,536 as of 31 July 2022. It is very important for delegates from these four sub-districts to meet-up once a year to share valuable information, attending meetings to discuss important agenda that need to be addressed as well as setting directions for the sustainability & continuous growth of this organisation.

    Fellow Lions, Ladies & Gentlemen, the forthcoming year 2022-2023 will be a very unique and challenging year for MD 308 as it is a transitional period into a new era of Redistricting. If everything works according to our plan (which we believed it will), after June 2023, A1 Singapore will be a single district (out of MD 308) and B1 will redistrict into two new sub-districts.

    Redistricting in our MD is inevitable due to the growth and development of our membership. Nevertheless, in my opinion, MD can split but our strong bonding & valuable friendship that has been built in the last 60+ years shall remain forever. In Lions Clubs it is always the strong friendship and fellowship that help build this world’s largest organisation bigger & stronger that lasted more than 105 years. We shall always remember one of the eight Lions purposes is “To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world”.

    This year’s our International President Brian Seehan’s theme is “Together We Can”, which clearly emphasize the importance of teamwork. We know that together we are more, together there are no limits. If every one of us are moving forward together, then we are on our way to more successes. It is very important that we continue our great teamwork, to unite all the clubs and when we combine our talents, strengths & resources, we will deliver more and be able to serve more needy communities.

    Hence, we believe this MD 308 Lions Convention will promote great fellowship and bonding among Lions delegates coming from all four sub-districts as well as Lions delegates from overseas. It will also strengthen teamwork that are already exists, besides sharing valuable information and ensuring meetings for all important agenda are properly conducted.

    Once again, my sincere thanks to COCC Michel Yee and all her entire organising committee team members. I also thank everyone for your valuable time & presence today. I am certainly looking forward to a very successful & memorable Lions Convention in April 2023.

    Thank You Very Much.


    我很荣幸,也很⾼兴受邀在2023年第六⼗⼀届308复 合区狮⼦年度⼤会的启动仪式说⼏句话。

    ⾸先,我要向⼤会筹委会主席前总监余⽟清狮姐和她 所有的团队成员表⽰最衷⼼的祝贺。早些时候,我告 诉Michel,我们的⽬标是“在⼀个有利于会议的环境和 ⼀个每位代表都喜欢参观和逗留的地⽅,以可接受的 价格承办⼀次令⼈难忘的年度⼤会”。这⾥是双威城 – ⼀个⾮常合适我们这个项⽬的地点。筹委会所有成 员,你们做的⾮常棒!

    国际狮⼦会308复合区由四个区域组成,即 A1(新加坡)、A2(沙巴、砂拉越和汶 莱)、B1(半岛七个州)和 B2(半岛五个州)。截⾄ 2022 年 7 ⽉ 31 ⽇,我们共 有 472 个狮⼦分会,会员⼈数为 13,536。这四个分区的代表每年聚会⼀次以分享有 价值的信息,并参加会议以讨论重要的议程,这⼀点⾮常重要因为我们的组织必须 可持续性和持续发展和制定⻓远⽅向向前迈进。

    各位狮友,⼥⼠们,先⽣们,新的年度 2022-2023 年对于 308复合区来说将是⾮ 常独特和充满挑战的⼀年,因为这是进⼊区域重新划分新时代的过渡时期。如果⼀ 切都按照我们的计划进⾏(我们相信会如此),那么在 2023 年 6 ⽉之后,新加坡 A1 将成为⼀个单独的区域(退出 MD 308),⽽ B1 将重新划分为两个新的区域。

    由于我们会员的成⻓和发展,重新划分我们的复合区是不可避免的。尽管如此,在 我看来,复合区可以划分,但我们在过去 60 多年中建⽴的牢固和宝贵的友谊将永 远存在。狮⼦会能够持续超过⼀百零五年成为个世界上最强⼤的组织始终是因为牢 固的友谊。我们将永远记住狮⼦会的⼋⼤宗旨之⼀“加强会际交流,巩固狮⼦友谊”。

    今年我们国际总会⻓Brian Seehan的主题是“众志成城“,这清楚地强调了团队合作 的重要性。我们每个⼈都可以靠⾃⼰做很多好事,但团结⼀致,我们可以将不可能 的事情变成可能。因为要成就⼤事,我们都需要卷起袖⼦,尽⾃⼰的⼀份⼒量,团 结⼀致,我们可以使我们的社区和世界成为对所有⼈⽽⾔,⼀个更美好的地⽅。

    因此,我们相信这次 复合区狮⼦年度⼤会将促进来⾃所有四个区域的狮⼦会代表以 及来⾃海外的狮⼦会代表之间的良好友谊和联系。除了共享有价值的信息和确保所 有会议重要议程的都得到妥善进⾏外,它还将加强已经存在的团队合作。

    再次衷⼼感谢⼤会筹委会主席前总监余⽟清狮姐和她所有的筹委会成员。我也感谢 ⼤家今天抽出宝贵的时间和出席。我期待这个在2023 年 4 ⽉举办的狮⼦年度⼤会 是⼀个⾮常成功且令⼈难忘的盛会。